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Collaborative 9-Month Regenerative Impact Studio

Naupaka Pacific and the Cordova Chamber of Commerce are partnering on an innovative, community-led regenerative tourism program with the goal of preserving the beauty and integrity of both destinations in Alaska and Hawaii. The community-led Impact Studio program originated in Hawaii in 2021 and received award-winning recognition in 2022. 

Important Dates:

March 20: Applications Open

April 3: Applications Close for Review

April 8: Cohort Notifications begin (via email)

Early May: Kickoff with Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival

After the impact of a series of natural and environmental disasters in recent years, with the opportunity to rebuild with a different design in mind, the organizations are partnering to help both Alaska-based and Hawaiʻi non-profit organizations, indigenous-serving community groups and cultural practitioners build capacity to lead experiences in a manner that advances the community’s vision and aspirations as a primary driver, a key concept of regenerative tourism.

The partnership will recruit interested groups for a pilot pan-Pacific cohort to commence in May 2024 with an 8-week hybrid learning flex course intensive, mentorship and quarterly updates, culminating in a final cohort gathering in January 2025. 

The Regenerative Impact Studio Exchange (RISE) program will include sessions to develop their organizational capacity, experience indigenous-to-indigenous cultural training, develop their activity experience offering, and list their activity on market-ready online platforms to be promoted at the state and national level. Ongoing mentorship and development will span the 9-month cohort building camaraderie and support for community resilience with both remote learning and hands-on opportunities during immersion experiences and targeted travel dates to both Alaska and Hawaiʻi.  

Cohort members will meet with graduates from the first Impact Studio who are existing activity hosts to learn best practices, organizational development experts, expert trainers and practitioners from both Hawaiʻi and Alaska, and other professionals tailored for the cohort’s success.

Applicants who express financial need also have the option to be considered for scholarships and support provided by generous industry sponsors.

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To apply, visit: